dead hippie squadron

Email received from the ensemble / artist with just a sound cloud link, nothing less nothing more – rather mysterious and enigmatic don’t you think with the only clue to be found that he / she / they may or – as the case may be – may not reside in Vancouver. ‘chilling spree’ be the name of the track and its by dead hippie squadron, a drifting dream weaved slice of otherworldly ambient apparitions sweetly dinked in ghostly harmonium chorals (or is it an accordion – never can tell) from out of which wheezes a Parisian flavouring that softly nods to a lights out and demurred clandestine meeting happened upon by Landshipping and L’Augmentation all metered out to a lolloping backdrop of campfire signatures and lost and wandering bitter sweet western themes – incidentally can be downloaded for free – the words loosely assembled thus ‘don‘t‘ -‘look’ – ’a’ – ’gift’ – ’horse’ – ’in’ – ’the’ – ’mouth’ readily spring to mind.

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