Sent ahead on a reconnaissance detail ahead of their forthcoming ‘similarity’ album for ninety and nine records, ‘how shall the dust storm start?’ reveals a mercurial spectrum of sound at play from progressive Mathian heavyweights Eyot. across seven minutes this cascading gem reveals its headspace located in panoramic post rock landscapes with its hand indelibly tutored and informed in classical and jazz instruction. Both tender and free flowing, its an intricate sonic symphony that veers from mellowing moments of idling tranquillity to busying braids that threaten a tempestuous turbulence that never quite arrives, measured and romantically dimpled its arced by cantering key flurries and breezily swirling Brontean pastorals all armoured by swathes of needling lock grooved riffs which once assured and assumed in detail, depth and density converge for a climatic finale much in the style of Mountain. http://www.soundcloud.com/eyot/how-shall-the-dust-storm-start

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