set in sand

Looks like being a busy time in the forthcoming weeks for the abandon buildings imprint what with outings due imminently from the likes of Wolke and Melodium (the latter of whom we’ve not had the pleasure of hearing for many a year and feared had disappeared). Before those descend however something of a little cutie from set in sand is due to land shortly and with it no doubt to follow a primary directive to seduce turntables and headphones alike. In a label collaboration with Audio Dregs, ‘what is this place’ is a murmuring glitch glowed gem which judging by the evidence heard via ‘sifting in sans’ ought to send admirers of a youthful ISAN and Plone into listening delirium. This ice thawed clock working charm harvests dinky oriental motifs to its sleepy headed frame to weave them in hypnotic orbs of lonesome sweetness which by these ears sound not unlike delightfully fragile toybox chuckles.

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