Punch you out effervescent toe tapping pop from Dexters. ’I’ll never find another you’ is by all accounts the Sun’s England anthem and apparently the people’s choice as the unofficial World Cup theme which begs the question what is the official song because I don’t know about you but there’s been a distinct lack of expectant cheer for the forthcoming gathering of the football nations which is due to start in a matter of weeks. Much like the Eurovision song contest (just passed) there’s plenty of flag waving until the event starts and we quickly realise how under whelmed we are. Still console yourself with the fact that our over priced ’soccer stars’ will be out by the time we face Italy and hot footing to their holiday destinations leaving us to mourn another 4 years waiting for the next disappointment – or am I being a bit optimistic. Now World Cup / football songs are a tricky thing, career suicide – there have been many – okay ’three lions’ caught something of the nations optimism and lead the flag waving britpop brigade, but ‘this time’, ‘back home’ and ‘world in motion’ – come on – Scotland always fared better – wasn’t it the Big Yin who did ‘we have a dream’ while I never realised that it was down to Lonnie Donegan to be the ’66 mascot with ’world cup Willie’. Colourbox all said wins hands down all the time for ’86’s unofficial World Cup Theme. And so to Dexters – well whatever ’I’ll never find you’ lacks in finesse it more than makes up for in all out attack no nonsense footwork, it might be acute, direct and a tad n your face rippled as it is in premier league power punk popping motifs nut megged with dinky stratospheric riffs and anthem fervour in a bullish 4-4-2 formation but hey its our unofficial footy theme and that’s that.

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