This is quite the most gorgeous thing we’ve heard – today that is. New thing from the legendary and around here at least utterly admired and adored Plaid. Ripped from their 10th Warp album ‘reachy prints’ – incidentally out today – the video for ‘wallet’ is directed by Sabrina Ratte and is inspired by things found in – you guessed it – wallets – pre digitised nick nacks such as receipts, photos, business cards and such like. The track applies Plaid’s minima maxima detailing, gloopy motifs dinked in crunchy glitch and adrift in the orbital belt of Stereo lab’s ‘cobra phases’ slowly yawning, stretching and waking wherein the dainty melodies cascade to play an affectionate star twinkled game of peek a boo all the time tumbling seductively to the fanciful pastoral cosmicalia flurries of fortdax as was.

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