mountain bird


One of these days I swear I will get around to indexing these some 400 plus missives of course for simplicity and practicalities sake for you dear listener / reader but also for, not quite my own amusement, but in order to aid what is of late becoming a fading and failing memory that can instantly recall the most ridiculously obscure cuts from some hitherto long forgotten mid week Peel play list from the summer of 1987 and yet will be buggered to call to mind something he played scarcely three days ago. I waffle on like this because I swear at some point or another we’ve encountered Mountain Bird on our musical travels. Mountain Bird hail from the land of enigmatic pop – Sweden – a nation who i swear are cloning pop starts at a phenomenal rate in a secret bid to take over the world. ’the visitor’ arrives culled from a forthcoming Universal released EP entitled ’Cosmos II’ and finds the collective bending (mercurially) the boundaries between atmos (pop), post rock, progressive and dream pop, a beautifully svelte and tenderly crushed quiet epic is what’s on the table. Now back to the opening ambit for if we did have a neat index listing for these reviews we’d be able to tell you in an instant what this reminds me of – I might need help here – but way back around 2004/5 there was a single ’iris’ put out I swear by rough trade by quite possibly plumerai though I’m erring towards a name similarly spelt – its annoying not being able to reference it exactly. But there you go one for the puzzle breakers among you. As to ’the visitor’ itself a delicate feast of whispering garlands teased out by cantering keys trimmed by needle light mellowing siren strobe riffs all punctuated by moments of endearing emotional arrest, a captivating cavalcade of sun glowed hope set to a divine sonic stage that seductive unfurls and blossoms from out of vapour trailing spectral ghosts into full on vividly rich panoramics. Simply put – crushing.

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