ak / dk

Believe me when I say this is likely to be the most infectious thing to hit your head space since the last slab of aural addiction we mentioned. From AK /DK – a Brighton based duo whose debuting long player ‘synth + drums + noise + space’ is just out to rapturous applause (cue begging missives being fired off in an attempt to nab a copy), this is the mind blowing head phonic trip that is ‘Maxwell’s waves’ – in short 4 minutes of reality bending wooziness that manages to mutate mercurially lock grooving elements of Moroder’s ‘I feel love’, Lipps Inc’s ’funky town’ and the ministry into an acid psychotropic sonic paint bomb replete with kaleidoscopic hazes and all manner tab dropping trippiness that all said is liable to have you all a gaga . http://www.soundcloud.com/projectamusic/ak-dk-maxwells-waves

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