c’mon tigre

Would it really be unfair to call C’mon Tigre a twelve headed musical hydra, this dozen strong collective certainly appear to swerve and shimmy the usual – for simplicity sake – generic boxing on their quietly masterful debut single ’federation tunisienne de football’. blending Pere Ubu like dialects, this strangely addictive nugget shuffles and zigzags its way past your defences cooled in angular white funk motifs dinked in jazzy mosaics and studiously courted in irregular time signatures that skittishly bop and weave to a stuttering mutant post rocking carnival that mooches crookedly around your headspace to reveal a collective mindset indelibly informed of the mid 90’s Chicago scene. Add in the occasional soulful licks and the frankly jaw dropping spidery rock a hula riffmanship that briefly emerges to wow you at the 3,34 mark and you have something that ought to raise the eyebrow of those purists among you so digging of tortoise and the sea and cake. Flip side cut ‘fan for a twenty years old human being’ weaves into worlds more commonly found populating the much missed Picked Egg imprint, drizzled in noir-ish jazzy atmospherics swirled in Arabesque charms this slightly out of it slice of late night smoking jacket bliss takes its cue from Bablicon and weave its mind expansive mosaics into worlds not so uncommonly found on platters from the likes of Tubby Hayes.

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