principe valiente

More enigmatic Swedish pop, sounding not unlike a doomed and bruised Walker Brothers channelling the Wild Swans themselves paired up mournfully with Zerra 1 tapping out emotionally crushing last stands. Well that what the parting ‘flower in you’ had us in mind of which in case your wondering is from the new album ‘choirs of blessed youth’ by Principe Valiente. This tender and tortured epic comes glazed in the same hymnal stately grandeur of Joy Division at their most haunted and bleakly beautiful, an absolute tidal wave of jaw dropped bruised euphoria steeled in tear stained tribulations and an overpowering ache. Atmospheric, majestic and utterly transfixing – stunning in a word. Somewhere else the crystalline ‘temporary man’ has an air of dark delights being conjured by a classic era early 80s Sisters of Mercy in a sonic séance with the March Violets with Gene Loves Jezebel skulking in the shadows taking notes.

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