horse party

So fond of this lot, so much so that you may be scratching your head wondering why we haven’t as yet got around to reviewing their debuting ‘cover my eyes’ full length for integrity. I’ll be honest, its been getting hammered so much that we’ve we been resisting committing to print because as it goes with these things that’ll mean filing it away and having to find another sweetheart with which to seduce our stereo with. rest assured much fondness and praise will be heaped upon it here next week. For now though ‘inbetween’ has just been released as a single -well I say single – more a free download included in the self produced fanzine ‘shut the fuck up’ which you can nab by completing the details section on the web site noted below. As to ‘inbetween’ what can we say – indelibly kissed with their now trademark buzz cool, there’s something simmering here curdled and coalesced in a bitter sweet opining country lilt which when scratched away at reveals a soft bruising and the kind of melodic mindset that draws its spirit from husker du though here rephrased through the sonic ear of quick space and yo la tengo.!zine/c98k

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