Fluent in an mid 80’s pop vocabulary that brandishes the kind of transistor bouncing feel good affection that makes you want to revisit soundtracks adorning John Hughes films of the era for a spot of secret guilty pleasures quality time (see opening title track). Listening to Challenger’s second full length ’back to Bellevue’ is like boarding a time travelling odyssey into a forgotten world of hook hugging keys, thunderous beats and ear candy cinematic pop mirages wherein you’ll encounter the purring electro funk coolness of ’sweater weather’ which manages to snuggle itself into your affection between birdpen and swimmer one while the subtronic minimalist buzz pop ’sylvia’ is sugar crushed in all manner of spectral star twinkles waylaid in a divinely set hymnal ache. The album is currently being streamed at Entertainment Weekly in its entirety via

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