circulatory system

Kaleidoscopic intermissions from the inner psyche of W. Cullen Hart as phrased, coloured and brought to full on vivid weirdness by an assembled cast of players that reads like an Elephant 6 collective who’s who. Out soon via a limited double vinyl set on the cloud recordings imprint emerges ‘mosaics within mosaics’ from the Circulatory System promises to be a woozy and wonky affair, if that is ‘stars and molecules’ is anything to judge by. Across three minutes this radio dial twiddling ode to the golden age of pop tunes in and out of consciousness distractively swirling, dissipating and reforming through a myriad of guises like a sepia glowing lullaby lunar symphony tapping out crooked Beach Boys motifs that sound as though they’ve been left out in the sun to long to warp and fry whilst having cosmic fairy dust sprinkled upon them by Meek who in turn has applied his own trippy psychoid Spector-esque wall of sound to proceedings. Gem like.

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