ruins of kruger

I’m suspecting if they keep kicking out stuff like this then the Berlin based cassette imprint kitchen leg may well be featuring here on a regular basis. Alas only 60 copies of this to detune your headspace coming courtesy of the (we assume to be) debuting self titled release from ruins of kruger. These dudes play warped zonked out contortionist pop which admirers of all things foolproof projects ought to find of interest. Steeped in frenetic friction ruins of kruger twist and turn in a most distractive way into moments of no wave, art pop, math, slacker psychedelics and stoner ambience (as evidenced on the parting ‘space‘ which in truth sounds not unlike an out of it and noodling about after hours studio session for Danse Society‘s ‘seduction‘ recordings), their reference spectrum teetering and turning on an axis that one minute nods to th’ faith healers and quick space (with ‘in the middle of something’ being the clearest indicator, the next pavement and trumans water with the sounds assuming an almost skedaddled and schizoid free form ident lurking with ominous delight buttressed by awkward and angular time signatures delivered to a mix of playful jabs and full on combination punches. Admittedly we here are much taken by the freakily fragmenting Beefheartian blisters that surface on ‘die halbwaise’ while ‘lleprechaun’ has a skewed Stump meets Cravats warping to it whilst momentarily veering into pop strata’s – well we say pop – if that is your head space and notion of pop happens to freefall into the post punk wiriness of the Slits and the Au Pairs. Admirers of this heat / …and the native hipsters will be advised to sample the skewed delights of ’the sun’ whilst by scrunching up your ears there’s something shit faced and funkily noir in a zonked out Sonic Youth goofing about way that runs through the core of ’Null’. more please.

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