algernon doll

Okay we’ve momentarily lost the press email that came attached to this so you’ll have to excuse us while we scratch our backsides trying to look for fab news as to the goings on of Ewan Grant for it is he who is Algernon Doll. Now as said we’ve mislaid the press blurb but we are gathering that ‘suicide’ has been ripped from the forthcoming ‘omphalic’ full length due soon via struggle town records. An absolute buzz fuzzed nugget that manages to at once draw into its bent out of shape bubble grooving, elements of slacker, grunge and 50’s teen pop amidst which it peppers west coast motifs albeit shock treated and zapped into a dandy and discordant dinky thing that arrives armed to the teeth with hooks to swoon and chorus’ to coo all of which despite its title transmits feel good vibes of effervescence to go, a bit like imagining a gathering of Nirvana, Weezer and Gumball types partying in studio down time with Ariel Pink the master of ceremonies. http://www.soundcloud.comabadgeoffriendship/algernon-doll-suicide

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