the moons

Last time out they were stealing peaks at the ‘diamond dogs’ songbook over Bowie’s shoulder whilst decorated in glitter and platforms for ‘heart and soul’ – it was an audacious blast of clinically threaded cool as you like retro buzz that pouted, purred and punched out your speakers with stardust zaps. This time of asking the Moons go all biff, bang pow on a pop art odyssey to the golden age of sci-fi b-movies for ‘body snatchers‘, its your classic space adventure ripped straight out of a strange tales comic book all speared in suspense, cliff hanging danger and the unknown replete with dramatic noir shredded kooky bubblegum glam gallops and hulking church key recitals dimpled in paranoia and acutely swirled in a dandified daubing of kaleidoscopic beat pop. Out via schnitzel and pulled from their forthcoming ‘mind waves’ full length.

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