This has literally just been dropped on me and I don’t mind admitting I’m at odds with it. Still I’m up to track 9 and I still haven’t tired of it so its doing something right. I refer to Froskull who used to be the Stephen Rockford Hammond Band – they’ve just or are about to release an album via groove stand compendium, in truth we ought to hate it but we kind of love it its like being visited upon by a whole load of guilty pleasures trying to knock your door down, opening cut ‘a thousand years’ comes packing hulking retro riffs carbon dated from the mid 70’s and sporting progian overtones thumbing lifts on the middle of road highway while suited up in Todd Rundgren cast offs, damn I’m having insane flashbacks featuring Brian May riffs, cheap trick harmonies and Chicago before they became a commercial concern with a side order of the Barclays the james and the harvests, well if its okay for Sweet Apple…….alas no sound links just yet and by the way I must have…..

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