isobel ccircle ~

I don’t mind admitting that of late I’ve been haunted by the strangest of dreams, fracturing reruns of events told differently, blurring hints of perhaps happenings to come and just plain old surreal weird things that have raised me to waken states almost concerned to shut my eyes to rest again. Indeed, so what I hear you mutter, but then for years I concerned myself with the fact that I haven’t dreamt in years. I mention this because in some kind of eerie fashion ’fluttercage’ appears to be decoding my sleep state transmissions. Ethereal strangeness from that Bower chap (Wizards Tell Lies, Revenant Sea) here found siding up to April Larson to forge a sonic alliances as Isobel Ccircle. Ultra limited to just 40 CD copies (don’t look at me , even I’ve not got a copy) ‘flutter cage’ their (think I’m right in saying) debuting full length is set for release in a matter of day via the Exotic Pylon imprint (shape worship, hoofus, the lowland hundred, time attendant et al). as said previously ‘flutter cage’ could easily be a soundtrack to your (my) sleeping state, upon the fragile pendulum balance between life and death, the only place where you are truly alone, hooked up to your inner self and adrift and out of what passes for reality, the sensations scramble, its hard to get a grip or a footing as the senses struggle to pick up the receiving signals and transmissions as they dissipate, blur and shape shift anew. And so likewise with ’switch’ an 11 minute sonic dream cycle of just that, interweaving terra-forming aural configurations, sometimes celestial that hint the end of a long journey, others mired in threatening overtones between these polar opposites the slow turn eclipse and the skree rush of sun spot ruptures weave upon this opus a delicately unfurling sound sculpture that shifts between light and dark and the lulling and the harsh. ’the girl, displaced’ is in a word – angelic, the kind of celestial at peace with all you’d expect to greet you on the other side – an experience I hope not to encounter just yet, here steeled in an ice sculptured stillness, ethereal chorals harmonise in redeeming transcendental states of bliss though knowing Mr Bower there‘s probably a more sinister consequence afoot that we prefer not address. http://www.exoticpylonrecords.bandcamp.comalbum/fluttercage

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  1. April Larson says:

    Thanks for the lovely words! 🙂 – April Larson

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