la piramide di sangue

First of all many thanks to the dudes over at Boring Machines for springing this out so fast to us – a vinyl copy no less pressed up on blue grey swirly wax which I must admit looks a treat coming adorned in an eye catching 70’s styled psychedelic sleeve. Of course we refer to La Piramide di Sangue who we mentioned in passing briefly a week or three ago when casting a casual ear on forthcoming outings prepped for release by Boring Machines. Oozed across seven mind bending suites ‘Sette’ is a deeply alluring exotically intense listening experience whose spirit is rooted in ancient middle eastern cultures and is brought into focus amid a hedonistic big bearded meeting of melodic minds whose heads stretch from disciples familiar in psych, prog Persian folk mysticism and jazz (as on the deliriously frantic and furiously sultry ju-ju pop bazaar that is ‘non e’ mia , e’ di dio’) to create an absolutely bonged out affair to which admirers of that ’turkish freakout’ compilation put out by Bouzouki Joe a few years back as well as the atmospheric dust riddled snake charms occasioned to turntables by the mighty master musicians of bukake should tune into at their earliest chance. In short what you get is old world ancient melodic mosaics rethreaded anew, opening cut ’baciati dall’acido’ starts out to swirls of head expanding trance motifs before going all freakish and flipped in an Acid Mothers returned from Tibetan retreat type way. ’Jetem’ is just punishing, a brutally gnarled slab of stoned out and mind lost Marrakesh blues wig flips translating old school pre Zep / Blue Cheer chord codas from archaeological ruins. Lightening the mood substantially, side one runs out to the blissed out haze adorned sun basked psych blues of the arabesque charger ‘Alperti alle sette’ replete with needle hot riff raptures. Snake charms, sonic freakouts and meditative head trips are the assorted ingredients making up the ‘reggio galassia’ full on psyched out feast applying along the way nods to kraut overlords Embryo while ‘esoterica porta palazzo’ arrives dinked in dissipating melodic mirages and all manner of hypnotic earth beat rhythmic presets to cast a sumptuously swarthy riddle of the sands symphony. All said the parting ‘La Guerra non finira’ is by far the sets centre of focus and the place where all the attending parts elsewhere converge to coalesce into an epic 8 minute sun scarred head trip and unto whose all encompassing tapestry elements of shade adorned psych, jazz, drone and mystical majesty swirl, swoon and shimmer with tripping transcendental third eye wooziness like some magical mistral piloted by the Grails. this hulking headtrip is a co production between sound of cobra and boring machines.

La Piramide di Sangue - Sette cover art

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