time attendant

To quote the great and much missed deadline dodger Douglas Adams – or more pertinently the ape descendant Arthur Dent from ‘hitchhikers’ fame ‘I feel like a military academy…..parts of me keep passing out’… is one way to describe exotic pylons other newbie release, the frankly warped and wonky Time Attendant. We’ve just hooked up to ‘ermine fever’ from the ‘bloodhounds’ set and suggest you do to especially if you’re a little – shall we say – predisposed to your sounds being a bit freaked. Time attendant is the secret alter ego of sonic chemical scrambler Paul Snowdon who date has sneaked out a handful of acclaimed releases all of which have passed distressingly beneath our radar one of which counts as being part of a Moon Wiring Club curated compilation. ‘bloodhounds’ his debut full length is due to drop in July on vinyl and download platforms – by way of a taster looms the aforementioned ‘ermine fever’ – a kind of Gong-ed out Orb dipping into the head tripping dispensary of Magic Mushroom Band, super psyched dub daubs decorated in lounge workouts with hints of Ghost Box visitations. May require a lie down in a quiet dark place after consuming. http://www.exoticpylonrecords.com/news

EP37 Blood Hounds small

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