daisy victoria

Many thanks to Daisy Victoria who sent us a very nice note by way of an introduction, must admit makes a change from the usual ‘oi tosspot listen to this or else’ but then falls somewhat short of the days when the lovely eggs used to send homemade eggs sandwiches our way – I kid you not. Can’t win eh Daisy. Anyhow seems she’s been courted by (fabulous) Radio 1’s Huw Stephens to appear on the introducing stage at latitude having caused swooning fits via acclaim in the NME and Louder than War as well as being play listed by a certain Tom Robinson. And its easy to see why there’s been a quiet buzz attaching to Daisy for her debuting EP ’heart full of beef’ reveals a spectrum of style and sound that avoids easy pigeon holing, its something that pitches its camp – in case your looking for quick reference markers – not a million miles from Carina Round. Of course it’s the title track that’ll probably catch the lobes, detuning itself into the swamp blues agitant wastelands of Smith (as in Patti), Katastrophy Wife and Hole, this grizzled and fried slab of scowling primal boogie kicks with the same feral discordance that introduced PJ Harvey to night time Peel play lists in the early 90’s whilst still finding time to produce from the magic hat some acutely nifty ‘pilgrim’ era Pixies-esque rumbling. In terms of listening numbers it seems ’Macbeth to my lady’ is proving something of a fan favourite, easily the most radio friendly cut here emerging as it does from curiously shadowy post punk / gothian haze to unfurl seductively shedding its skin to reveal itself a tender toned soft psych dark wave beauty freefalling into territories once occupied by All about Eve and Gene Loves Jezebel. And so to the tempestuous kaleidoscopic psych noir of ‘cloth’ a ghostly love charm whose shadowy 60’s signatures magically swirl in a maddening Curved Air meets Jefferson temptation tenderly turned in John Barry motifs that together fleetingly encroach the kind of passionate psychosis of a youthful Ms Bush. How we adore the playfulness of ‘secret garden path’ – a Victoriana music hall magicalia rippled in Tarantino twangs and shuffling skiffle fired rockabilly rumbles. However all said nothing quite prepares you for ‘tree’ without doubt the sets best moment and oozing ethereal enchantment laced in fairy dust dappled psych folk and sepia mottles all ached with such sublime yearning beauty – without wanting to get to depressing I want this on funeral play list – simply arresting and almost certainly from a place not of this world. http://www.soundcloud.com/daisy-victoria

Video accompaniment for ‘heart full of beef’

…..and ‘tree’

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