the revolutionary spirit

There are times when a platter comes your way and from its initial opening sequences you just know its ripe for adoration not least because you’ve stopped in your tracks, forgotten what your doing and have been left momentarily jaw agape and transfixed. I will admit there are a fair few of such quality to get a mention shortly. That said none of them quite touch like this one. New from the Revolutionary Spirit. Its called ‘Sunshine’. frankly you need a copy. Why. Simply because this is 4 and a half minutes of untold bliss, from the opening opining apparitions of ‘Albatross’ codas ushers in the hushed and tranquil shy eyed three way union of the Butterflies of Love (a la ‘rob a bank’), crest (c. ‘68 comeback’) and anything you’d care to name by the Clientele all gathered channelling a soft psych vibe that sits somewhere between Cheval Sombre and Galaxie 500, which once your suitably entranced fractures and derails deliriously into radiating snowstorms of fuzzy feedback. Did we mention the Durutti afterglows and the ghostly spectre of those rare mellowing Marr sonic spectrals that used to pepper the quieter more reflective moments of the Smiths back catalogue such as ‘back to the old house’. a classic in waiting.

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