principe valiente

Mentioned briefly in earlier despatches, we’ve now been united with a finished copy of Principe Valiente’s quite formidable ’choirs of blessed youth’ – a thunderous storm lashed gem of epic consequence to whose tender tear stained tumultuous tapestry hangs a dark waving emotionally crushed post punk dream pop odyssey. This is stunning stuff and sure to put these Swedish doomed shoe gazers firmly on the dream pop map and should appeal to those well versed in all things Church (not least on the haunting and hollowed cold and statuesque ‘the son I‘ll never be‘ which opens the set and the stirring tear stained ‘dying to feel alive‘ with its haloing of Will Sergeant sparsely woven arabesque riffmanship), Chameleons (in fact at worst its like a dream mix tape of the finest stratospheric song craft to emerge from the 80’s and beyond from a well kept and meticulously gathered together record collection whilst at best – well frankly something that’ll just blow you off your perch and keep attacking your defences time and time again until you acquiesce) and Dead Leaf Echo – the latter of whom whose indelible influence emerges on the rapturous pop kudo possessed chime shimmer of the Kitchen of Distinction‘s like ‘the fighting‘. Maybe referring to ’choirs of blessed youth’ as doomed infers bleakness, far from it for here is hope against adversity, agreed its turbulent, emotionally strained and bruising n’ crippled, yet for all that you sense through the struggle the subtle afterglow of redemption and renewal. All this is encapsulated in the glorious fall of the set with the emergence of ’flower in you’ – an epic and majestic synth laden hymnal whose application of the ethereal and the atmospheric is reigned of a tender and sweetly tortured tapestry that touches base all at once with Sigur Ros, Joy Division and the Church – its an utterly crushing event. Somewhere else the shadow lined euphoria loosening of its earth bound mooring within ’take me with you’ is an exercise in emotional impacting sinew snapping desperation which should you escape intact has ’she never returned’ hovering in the sides waiting to pick away at your senses remains wrapped in a mercurial head bowed bleak beauty that hints of the pristine pop chassis of A-Ha brought cowering to a surrendering and vulnerable impasse. ‘the dream’ is just pure undiluted chameleons c. ‘script of the bridge’ at their most divine, enigmatic and wounded replete with sky rupturing riff arpeggios all framed in a jaw dropped fading glamour that spirals with a gloriously distressed Skywave like solemnity while chasing in hot pursuit ‘wasted time’ freefalls into the shadowy inclines of Suede’s ‘dog man star’. And just when you begin to think you’ve got a grip on this the blighters only go and throw a curveball with the appearance of the briefly touching and reprise like spectral lunar odyssey ‘Choir of Blessed Youth’ before the porcelain love note ‘Fiction’ bathes your listening space in star swathed seductive raptures. As previously noted ‘temporary men’ is possessed of a swooning dark embrace that swims in the hallowed waters once frequented by a gathering of early career Sisters of Mercy and March Violets types all overseen by Gene Loves Jezebel. All said ‘choirs of blessed youth’ will suck you emotionally dry and may require counselling in the aftermath of its parting rest.

Choirs Of Blessed Youth

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