Set to break hearts and cause stereos to surrender, the honey crusted tear trimmed and sun bathed chime chirping debut from Shorts may be reason enough for those shy eyed Sarah records adoring twee types among you to emerge from out of your hidey holes. With nods to the Raspberries, St Christopher and the Field Mice, ’Berlin 1971’ comes prized from an 7 inch EP about to break cover via Aloe music. These dudes who are made up of members of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Real Estate and Titus Andronicus might well have posted the first perfect soundtrack to backdrop the lazy eyed summer ahead, peppered in crystalline riffs and drifted aloft on the willowy caress of affectionate crushes this bright eyed bouquet of feel good tastiness comes traced in the subtle hushed effervescent rush of the clock strikes 13 daintily courting its grooves. http://www.soundcloud.comaloemusic/shorts-berlin-1971-1

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