With a title like ‘freakout’ how ever were we going to pass up on this. Discovered whilst wandering around band camp world, alas the physical 7 inch on green vinyl housed in handmade sleeves and put out by beyond beyond is beyond records is well sold out damn but still you can always nab it on download. Its by Worthless who hail from Brooklyn, their third release by all accounts with the promise of a full length pencilled in for swooned out happenings early next year. For now head tripping dreamy detours is what’s on offer with the woozily kaleidoscopic ’freakout’, all lysergic myriads, twinkling Velveteen apparitions and stoned out sunny west coast mirages which in truth sound like something that’s fallen from out of the 60’s flower pop love in through a temporal fissure. http://www.beyondbeyondisbeyondrecords.bandcamp.com/album/greener-grass

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