be like pablo

Fancy some more acutely cute bubble grooved power pop, in truth you couldn’t do worse than checking out be like Pablo who per their press release are described as Scotland’s favourite geek rocking teachers which I’ll admit in some quarters might be enough cause to put you off. However ‘Julianne’ is a bit of an irresistible nugget coming plastered on to a double a sided platter through stray cat records shortly, yes yes yes it does sound like Weezer’s ‘buddy holly’ which last time I looked still wasn’t a capital offence albeit here their brand is sugar dipped in effervescent feel good keys swirls and infectious three chord rumbles replete with 50’s styled honey crusted ram-a-lama motifs and a kick ass sing-a-long chorus line. Need I say more. http://www.soundcloud.combelikepablo/julianne-radio-edit

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