the chills

A one time staple fixture of any self respecting post punk cassette play list (well it was on ours perched if I recall rightly between Clock DVA‘s ‘resistance‘ and ‘into the garden‘ by Artery), the Chills’ ’pink frost’ blended the austerely sparse detailing of say, the Cure’s ’a forest’ with the at the time subtle underground fascination for psychedelia a la the Soft Boys, both haunting and hollowed even to this day its still has that rare ability to relocate you right back in time to relive the experience you felt first time you heard it. We mention all this not because we are desperate to fill up the word count (we’re not) but because a new version of the track is shortly to appear on the flip side of a seven inch single (the a side being ‘molten gold’ – their first newly recorded material in over a decade) due out to coincide with European tour dates in July. The updated version of ‘pink frost’ is a mellower take this time of asking warmed of the originals fraught iciness but still retaining its bleak bite and darkly weaved kaleidoscopic framing to still sound beautifully unreal and in a class of its own.

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