funny old shit

We are kinda kicking ourselves for not nabbing one of these on a rare trip to probe records yesterday, I mean be honest how many compilations are you ever likely see whose track list has Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer sitting alongside Robert Mitchum and features Ray Cathode and Lasry Baschet forming an unlikely listening soiree not to mention kick-starting the head phonic entertainment with a track by Bernard Cribbens whose label head honcho comments on said cut thus ‘how many tracks can you name that squeeze in the words ‘oxy acetylene welder’’. Not content with that the label then packs it off with a knowingly impish title ’funny old shit’ and just for the fun of it all adds to its attraction by throwing in the Jellies’ ’jive baby on a Saturday night’ – probably the cutest, friskiest and damn loveliest thing you’ll hear in such an age. Who else I wonder would have such audacity, such nerve and such an inspired wayward spirit but Trunk records, this nations most eclectic thrift shop raiders and preservers of outsider sounds whose defying of categorization is an art form in itself. Essential purchase of course.

The jellies ’jive baby on a Saturday night’

Bernard cribbins ‘gossip calypso’

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