the hare and the moon vs. melmoth_the_wanderer

Now here’s something very special; mystery, magic and the macabre all softly woven into a 34 minute recital by the Melmoth_the_Wanderer here found adding secret aural alchemic potions to Hare and the Moon’s ‘there were faces in the hedgerow’. amid this archaic tapestry of dark age delights a dance of the damned unfurls, ghostly raptures pierce through creaking apertures forming between the what passes for known realities and unknown unrealities, Satanic rituals, supernatural séances and sacrificial ceremonies flicker in the half light casting a woozy bewitching spell charm that manifests dappled in monastic murmurs and floral flurries to blossom with subtle terror tension to reveal a Brit Horror bouquet of Hammer Horror cinematic disquiet bathed in a Dead Can Dance meets Broadcast dark hearted beauty.

There Were Faces In The Hedgerow

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