O+yn y montibus communitas

And so to Sky Lantern, just a brief little mention mind while we try to nail releases, these dudes hail from Tuscan, Arizona and specialise in free form improv psych folk drone unto which they set to tape and release in criminally limited pressings (100 cassettes only). To date there have been four such releases the first up on the examining table being a collaboration between Peru’s Montibus Communitas and Argentina’s O+yn in the shape of ’offerings for the destroyer’ from which the 35 minute head trip ’prepare bhang at dawn’ is culled. Serious freaky stuff that sounds like a ghostly Tibetan free folk mirage of sunburned hand of the man weirdness, very tranced out with oodles of bowed sitars, penny whistles, tribal incantations and archaic throat chants which once all gathered together sounds not unlike Un Festin Sagital heading up those bonged out dudes Alphane Moon. http://www.skylanternrecords.bandcamp.com/album/offerings-for-the-destroyer

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