the bordellos

Released at exactly 1 minute and 12 seconds past midnight today (there’s one for the pub pop quiz enthusiasts of the future)via Small Bear records, the latest opus from the nations favourites (well in our gaff at least) the Bordellos. I don’t mind saying there’s be a fair old amount of swooning and throwing aloft of bunting since this reared up on our radar, we’re holding on a full review for now while we expectantly await the landing of hard copies any day soon. A by all accounts handsomely packaged set which should you happen to subscribe to the CD version – and you should – arrives augmented by not one but two additional EP sets – the first being their debuting Small Bear set ‘bring me the head of Justin Bieber’ and an exclusive ‘extra smooth’ collection. The impishly entitled ‘, you’re really nothing to me’ comprises nine tracks two of which we’ve previewed in earlier musings – the Doors-esque / Scott Walker like ‘moonface’ and the ultra cool strut coiled and damaged soul psych of ‘the gospel according to Julian Cope’. for now though our radars been set on frenzy with the appearance of the curiously dark and dishevelled slacker grooved ‘elastic band man’ – a prowling psychosis fractured post punk funky minimalist moocher wearily marauding the ear space to a tripping hypnotic disquiet that sits on the outer edges of the Beck and the Simple Kid axis and is only shoved out of the affection stakes by the parting title track whose smoked kaleidoscopic bliss kissed baggy grooving is a prime time serving of shit faced and out of it Stone Roses fuck you aloofness spiked by the chemical fusion of flowered up and happy Mondays essences. Another end of year winner, wouldn’t put it past it., you're really nothing cover art

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