creation VI / Kyle Landstra split

Happy to report that Creation VI’s outing is a lighter prospect. For those not previously acquainted, Creation VI is better known to kith n kin as Tim Six, a Ukrainian based sound artist here found sharing tape space with fellow aural alchemist and Chicago resident Kyle Landstra both here applying their own uniquely serene dream weaved cosmic fantasia. Creation VI is here serviced by ’sacred caves’ – a gorgeously cavernous slice of delicate ice sculpturing seductively twinkled in celestial garlands and peppered in trance toned mind melts, the kind of slo mo frozen in a moment melodic mirage that you’d more occasionally trip over on a Cheju release if I’m not very much mistaken. As to Mr Landstra – the aptly named ‘sunset on the event horizon’ really ought to be on the radar of those admirers the panoramic lunar odysseys of Craig Padilla, very Tangerine Dream in texture and easily best described as a hovering ball of cosmic light shimmering radiantly in the depths of the solar nothingness which as the title rightly hints emerges eclipse like towards the end forging an as were to a coalescing crescendo only to pass and disappear into the dark voids.

Kyle Landstra & Creation VI (FCR34)

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