dog! paper! submarine!

Same label, different band, different record – Dog! Paper! Submarine! used to be talking to teapots (how did we miss them) and hail from the land of Abba and glacial pop, except for once they don’t sound like Aggy, Ben, Bjo or Anni and neither do they swoon you in rare essences of entrancing ice pop not unless you have a rare hearing disorder that translates and tempers things in such a way that you can fully understand and truly appreciate the flowing beauty of the love charms of the Nails or Carcass. Instead DPS for their sins channel the lo-fi melodically knocked out of shape spirit of guided by voices, their angular alt pop signatures come fried in cutely acute kaleidoscopic tones that suggest a collective admiration for the beatnik Filmstars not least is this exemplified better than on ’oxygen’ while elsewhere for all its huffing and puffing ’anglerfish’ skirts deliciously around the outer edges of the elephant 6 collective sound space like an embryonic sonic tryst forged between neutral milk hotel and Olivia tremor control. So in love with this we want one.

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