endless caverns / outer vertex

Next up a split tape pairing gathering on one side Endless Caverns and on t’other Outer Vertex. Outer Vertex feature a certain Eric Arn and Christoph Weikinger both better known to psychedelic purists as members of the frankly out there Primordial Undermind. ‘non synchronous protest of the eared-lamp people’ finds them in mellower moods from their usual stoner psych blues freak outs and deeply emerged in mind expanding mesmeric washes of dissipating dust dry vapour trailing blissfulness which not the first time in this preview finds a certain Roy Montgomery as their reference marker. Endless Cavern is the solo project of Matt LaJoie here showcased by the frankly awesome ‘Cryptocrystalline Part III’ which aside freefalling into the late 80’s New Zealand sonic scene – and here I’m thinking Roy Montgomery and Bruce Russell principally – appears to have carved out the spirit of John Fahey’s delta blues meditations into a smokily hazed bonged out head trip that’d make Loren Mezzacane Connors stop in his tracks to purr with admiration.

Endless Caverns & Outer Vertex (FCR38)

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5 Responses to endless caverns / outer vertex

  1. forestpunk says:

    This sounds incredible, and right up my alley! Need to scratch up a copy. You’ve mentioned several of my favorites, particularly Connors, and i’m always on the lookout for more music like that. Also, a bit tangential, but since you were mentioned NZ artists, have you come across someone named The Cakekitchen? He’s more on that droney folk pop side of things, but he’s worked with Alastair Galbraith, and probably the blokes you mentioned above. Haven’t heard a ton yet, but it sounds quite nice. You might like it. \m/ fp

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