the resource centre

As promised a little while that enchanting Resource Centre set for the Geography Trip imprint. Once again many thanks to the label for shipping out vinyl white labels, goes without saying that they’ve been adored and cared for since arriving here. Resource Centre is the post Magnetophone alter ego of John Hanson, already with two releases under his belt courtesy of the much missed and sadly at sleep First Fold records. The alluring 6 track spectral symphonic suite ‘low fantasy’ described by its author as attempting to replicate ‘that warm feeling you get on remembering your first school music concrete’ arrives pressed up on just 250 hand numbered vinyl copies, as with the aforementioned ‘Oh / Ex / Oh outing, sumptuously packaged in a thick carded fold out sleeve housing your heavy duty wax feast along with postcards, inserts and a geography trip sew on patch. Within a tenderly fragile aural fantasia crafted from the disciplined application of the counterpoint by way of clock working progressions utilised by the gathering of xylophones, glockenspiels, analogue keyboards and various wood block instrumentation which as noted previously ought by rights to be high on the radar of those entranced and attuned to the minimalist lullaby sounds of Scott, Plone and ISAN. Within, these little vintage odysseys lushly shimmered in sepia or more pertinently, star lit symphonies that chirp and chime with a shy eyed hypnotic yearn, lunar carousels playfully opining in the silence with the rustically charmed ‘the hour angle (the sun, it rises everywhere)’ arresting and lulling in equal measure whilst whittling out a delightfully dainty and enchanted forest dance. Continuing the wood crafted twilight toned imagery the ethereal ’high fantasy’ softly entrances to a bruising cortege of swooning reverse looped noir symphonics though it’s the simply adoring ’a million voices from nature’ that graces the collection with its centrepiece (though ‘round (music)’ might have something to say about that), a lilting lightshow of cantering key pitter patters turned and glazed into a doe eyed beguiling dream symphony. Those of you of a certain age, fondly remembering 70’s children’s TV – Bagpuss and other such like might be minded to visit the sleepy headed toy room magicalia of the serene orbital love note that is ’slow release energy’. however dare that we round up matters without mention for ’round (music)’ – a demurring ice frosted garland thawing into blossom amid the morning dew haze into a most captivating nature bound wake up collage of undulating bowed orbs and mesmeric skipping signatures. I dare you to resist.

Low Fantasy EP cover art

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