golden apples of the sun

Those of you enchanted by that recent wyrd brew of hare and the moon by Melmoth the Wanderer will be happy to hear that HatM’s Grey Malkin has rummaged through his record archive to weave together a wonderfully wyrd summer solstice soiree for the latest Golden Apples of the Sun radio show among the peppering of hauntologist delights and celestial dreamscapes not least from Belbury Park / Eccentronic Research Council and Charles Vaughan respectively there’s the acid folk melodic mirages of ghost whose ‘dominoes / celebration for the grey days’ is an epic slice of Goblin prog goodness that has had us kicking ourselves for having missed earlier. Elsewhere the unmistakable tones of Ivor Cutler and the incredible string band warm the cockles while the Comus freak circus enters town on the back of the gypsy calypso ‘Diana’ while those of you whose dallying with the back catalogue of Julie Covington was rudely upended at ‘don’t cry for me Argentina’ ought to seek out ‘my silks and fine array’ whilst wrapping up matters the criminally under appreciated Legendary Pink Dots – the grown ups Pink Floyd go all psychedelic trip wired with ‘Damien’ – there’ll be Dots news aplenty shortly as we’ve just re-established communications with the helmet room dudes whose Randall Frazier of orbit service fame is busy working on a Dots side project with the working title ‘a star to far’ – more news when we get it.


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