I’m slightly mystified as to why we haven’t as yet featured Dutch art rockers Labasheeda in these pages thus far, having caught an earful of their wares via sound cloud – most notably the fraught and derailed damaged agit pop of the pulse racing ‘Cars’ (alas not a Numan cover) and the sun shining angular throb pop of the love noted ‘double exposure’ we’ve been furiously rummaging our record collection trying to reconnect with our stash of Seedling goodies not to mention releases once upon a time put out by the hugely missed transformed dreams imprint. That said this time of asking the band have opted for something a little more intimate and less wired with the arrival of a delightfully demurred 7 inch EP. an acoustic appraisal that features a rather touching cover hypnotic of Yoko Ono’s ‘listen, the snow is falling’ which had we heard way back when it was originally released (last December in fact) we’d have been dreamily cutting shapes around yuletide spruce and embraced of the season’s good cheer, still despite (or should that be in spite of) you can’t help surrendering yourself over to its hymnal hope charms which to these ears sound not unlike a frail wood crafted Delgados in chill out mode. That said it’s the utterly adorable ‘elastic’ that had us allured, a spring blossoming frost speckled lovely which (you’re going to think this is laziness now) sounds like a pristinely cut and at the height of their powers shyly sighing Delgados (again) dimpled in ice melting florals – really is irresistible. the EP comes courtesy of presto chango records and is limited to just 200 copies all pressed on snow white wax.

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