men oh pause

Some serious post punk agitant pop from the excellently named Men Oh Pause who feature variously about their ranks members of leopard leg, the chap and king Alfred man of leisure and trip out the kind of skewed lo-fi ju-ju that the much missed filthy little angels and cherryade imprints used to kick out at alarming regularity several years back. This four track 7 inch EP incidentally titled ‘pulse check’ is being issued on limited slabs of wax by Brighton’s tuff enuff records – 250 mind so you better get your skates on. Clearly teetering on your slits, au pairs and delta 5 axis we must admit to being more than a little fond of opening cut ‘tight chest’ – a brooding and edgily gouged slab of mooching un-fun grizzled in hair prickling tension and paranoia of which whose stricken ice cold sparseness had us much recalling Left Hand’s ‘minus 8’ rather than Siouxsie’s ‘join hands’. likewise ‘scarf lady’ is dinked in a macabre flashing that suggests admirers of a youthful Fall frequent their number. elsewhere there’s the wonderfully frayed, fried and beaten about the edges minimalist fuzzy 60’s keys swirled kaleidoscopic creep pop of ‘concrete woman’ proving worthy of the entrance fee alone where it not for ‘sapphire and steel’ pushing it of its perch and sounding like something the 60’s dragged in and which in truth has the kind of darkly wired kool kudos that imagines a seriously out of it and fucked up Shangri La’s prowling amid the grooves. file under 60’s femme fuzz pop.

Men Oh Pause - Pulse Check EP cover art

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