Impish weirdos in horror phonic freaky fright folk shock. Tis okay you young folk for it not be those damaged pop misfits Windmill Mothglue but rather more something far more worrying. Ak’chamel who we mentioned a few months back have just dropped a whole load of disturbed dead echoed primitive pop courtesy of the admired centipede farm imprint. Limited to just 50 copies entering the domain of ‘fucking with spirits’ is to leave all notion of modernist realities behind on the un-welcoming mat for here is hazily choked a primordial disquiet of dark ceremonial incantations chanted in lost tongues all set to a threadbare gloomily macabre wyrd folk drone madrigal which aside making those Volcano the Bear chaps seem positively pop pap encircles a would be haunting séance enacted upon by the gathering of sand snowman and soriah types – at least that’s what our ears do detect on the forbidding ‘nightmare animals’ – not I suspect for the feint of heart. http://www.akchamel.bandcamp.com/album/fucking-with-spirits-2

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