heavy petting zoo

More of that purring primal grooving that we around here so adore, this un about to shortly break cover via too pure on their celebrated singles club series. Pressed up on limited red 7 inch slabs of wax ‘crash’ by the hotly tipped heavy petting zoo oozes oblique cool and tortured tension in equal measure, here all shoehorned and cradled in the kind of fracturing shadow lined post punk edginess that suggests the ghost of Roland S Howard is perched ever watchful at its shoulder, add in the paranoiac panic attack vocals lash it to a spidery reverb rumble that nods to a three way gathering of Link, Shadowy Men and a Shadowy Planet and the flaming Stars types and nail it down to a noir twang framing gouged in a David Lynch styled darkly chilled velour and you have yourself a prowling nugget. Only wish the blighters would send a copy. http://www.soundcloud.com/too-pure-singles-club/heavy-petting-zoo-crash

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