boris blank

Funded by a kickstarter campaign (one of those pledge music sorties), plans are afoot to release a multi media extravaganza featuring over three hours worth of unreleased recordings from the legend that is Boris Blank which will include all manner of variants most notably a must have three disc vinyl set entitled ‘electrified’. Blank should need no introductions, along with sparring partner Dieter Meier he forged a forward thinking alliance as Yello who together arguably shifted the cold futuristic tonalities of electronica into the dizzying warmth of dance and funk and in so doing shifted pop’s parameters several years closer towards the realms of techno and beyond. This luxurious set gathers together previously unreleased soundtrack work recorded as far back as 1977 to the present as well as ’rote fabrik’ a rare album from the 1977 – 83 archive which itself promises something of must hear treat giving insight to the creative seeds that would manifest on the duo’s landmark Ralph releases ’solid pleasure’ and ’claro que si’. for now though sample the delights of the lead track ’electrified’ – a time tripping visit back to the era of the big hair and shiny suits of 80’s cinematic culture, okay that might be a tad unfair, rather more trace tones of ’the race’ sewn seductively into an acutely cute futuristic noir funk groove that imagines a mechanoid retreat paradise melting beneath the sultry blanket of fire red skies.

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