gary numan

With an imminent short UK tour planned to open with an appearance at Ireland’s Body and Soul festival and buoyed by the critical response afforded to his recent ‘Splinter’ album, Gary Numan releases a new four track EP that gathers together both the original and demo mixes of ’I am dust’ along with a brace of remodels by roman remains and thenewno2 – the latter of which has been leaked upon sound cloud world. An uber cooled re-visioning of the ice cold bleak apocalyptic industrial landscapes embarked by Numan on his polished album mix, still stirred in shadowy environs though here finitely dipped and spirited away in the same vapour gauzed classicism that once upon a time elevated those gem like Andy Gray mixes into differing dimensions, bleached in a frost tipped sparseness thenewno2 mix comes kissed in a tripped out lazy eyed dub drilled celestial majesty all succulently smoked in ethereal essences oozing cold wave cool. Need I say more.

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