Vomitface -remember them – you ought to given that we fell over ourselves subdued and smitten by ’sloppy joe’s’ which comes arriving on ultra limited green wax 7 inch editions. Such are the limitations of groove space on those prized vinyl copies that their version of Ms Bush’s ’sat in your lap’ fell off the final cut though happily finding itself vying for attention on the digital version. In truth we’ve always had a soft spot for the original, awkward and abstract it revealed a creative playfulness on the part of Bush by way of utilising crooked time signatures, tribal rhythms and an innate sense that things were fracturing to the extent that they were liable to veer chaotically into a grinding heap any second soon. Vomitface’s reappraisal you’ll be glad to hear comes blistered in that exact suspected chaotic and ramshackle edginess. Choke it with a psychotic tug and a no wave waywardness that’s speared in a totally skewed almost f*** you slacker slant and you have yourself a delightfully caustic car crash of a cut. Essential in a word. http://www.soundcloud.com/vomitface/sat-in-your-lap-kate-bush-cover

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