theatre royal

Oh yes, this ‘un is sure to set the daytime transistor valves into swooning states of adoring frenzy. New turntable thing from Theatre Royal ‘French Riviera 1988’ is one of those fleeting moments of gusting effervescence that sounds for all the world like a charging cavalry of pops first battalion heading fast over the hills. This nugget arrives as an early download for all those pre-ordering the bands imminent third full length ‘we don’t know where we are’ which in case you didn’t know is set for heavy duty wax pressing via Vacilando ‘68. Already receiving acute attention from those radio types Robinson and Kennedy, ’French Riviera 1988’ comes primed in the kind of pristine pop grooving and sun showered strut cool that swerves and shimmies to a myriad of country opines, honeyed harmonies and a familiar west coast seasoning the likes of which have been rarely heard around these parts since the early days of the World Party.

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