roshi nasehi and samuel frank

Now this folks – is quite something else. A twelve inch coming out via golden pleasure music featuring six tracks cutely crafted by the shared mindset of Pamela Golden, Roshi Nasehi and Samuel Frank. Be warned this is totally off the radar. ‘good morning! Mr Williams’ is inspired and serves to soundtrack an exhibition curated by artist Pamela Golden wherein by way of a found photo dating back to 1912 of a group of choirboys on a trip to Abergale she weaved a pictorial historical adventure recounting tales of sightings of Prince Madoc’s ghostly ship of its coast. enter Nasehi and Frank intrigued at the unfolding myth and mystery. Across 32 minutes and six tracks, ’good morning! Mr Williams’ arrives spirited away in lost Asiatic shanties, demurring nursery rhymes and reclaimed hymnals, they weave a delightfully rarefied tapestry schooled in archaic tongues and tenderly trimmed in a succulently multi coloured mosaic that teasingly ghosts between psych, folk and spirituals. these delicate apparitions cleverly storyboard the tales and legends within, upon this strange ethereal voyage you’ll be greeted to the dreamy trance toned lilt of ’Rooz haaye hafteh / days of the week’ as it seductively shadow steps into environs once upon a time the domain of Grimes. Somewhere else ’Ay hyd y nos / all through the night’ pays a tender game of wyrd folk peek-a-boo enchantment while after some momentary incursion of frisky funk ’when the wise man was young’ soon unfurls to allure amid a roving slice of flute floret mayday merriment. ‘the battle of evermore’ arrives desirably dinked in middle eastern mysticism replete with snake charming flurries before dissipating and re-emerging into something as beautiful and bewitching as we’ve scarcely heard around here since the visitation of those Laura J Martin gems. Elsewhere the prairie perched ’old texas / cowboys lament’ is a beautifully idling slice of pedal steel purring lazily wooing beneath the lengthening shadow of a hillside tree whilst watching the sun turn down to rest. Which leaves the love noted sophiticat that is ‘smoke signals’ wraps up matters bedded upon tripping beats and dub motifs all the time sweetly weaving to a subtle Oriental accents whilst cradled in lunar lilts and a lights lowered schmooze. Blissful and beautiful in short.

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