Recommended if you like Cocteau Twins nudges the press release attaching to the latest virtual 7 inch release from the everything is chemical imprint. They weren’t kidding. New two track from Miniatures is a dreamily demurred slice of silky shoe gaze which indeed does instantly recall those strangely ethereal and unworldly lullabies that from the workbench of Liz and Co once upon a time found occasion to ghost like aural apparitions across subdued and swooned out turntables, alas no information on miniatures but safe to say these timid treasures come bearing the same kind of ice frosted crystalline raptures ‘form into soft and wild’ is particularly smitten with a lilting aftertaste honey glowed in the tender yearn of sleepy headed celestial arcs. For us though personally we are quiet fond of ‘once live wants’ over on the flip, haloed in lunar flotillas and delicate caress of dissipating murmurs there’s something touchingly euphoric about this star glazed love noted that nods to Heather Duby.

EICV7" No. 73 cover art

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