the revolutionary spirit

And more words of gratitude this time for the revolutionary spirit who hotfooted over a finished copy of their delectable debut 7 inch platter ’sunshine’ which is available right now via the sound of salvation imprint. Mentioned to absolute adoration last missive out (Tales from the Attic # 40) we must admit that as far as singles go this this year this un will take some beating being so far the best thing we’ve heard all year. Channelling ‘albatross’ albeit rephrased through the viewfinder of crest’s immaculate ‘68 comeback’ and indelibly dipped with the mercurial aftertaste of the butterflies of love’s ‘rob a bank’ to be arrested in the quiet soft psych purr of Cheval Sombre and Galaxie 500 – this will blow you away. Over on the flip sits the loose and smoked ‘leave it all behind’ – a psych purist dream weaving dandy blissing out on vintage fringe parting primitive blues codas that sound as though they’ve been hoodwinked from a Hendrix notebook to form part of a jam session summoned upon by a seriously bonged out Crazy Horse. Absolutely essential.


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