various – in the container tonight vol 2

And back with the palace of swords for they appear on an ultra limited 10 track compilation entitled ‘in the container tonight – volume 2’ put out by the container drivers imprint – a gathering – no less – of psychedelic post punk synth pop types currently bubbling beneath the critical ear with the Swords dudes swooning the grooves with the quite impeccable ‘(we are) the new hypervboreans’. this honey originally appeared on a ridiculously limited lathe cut split with Starry Seas taking up residence on the flip side, a lilting psychotropic carousel kind of Meek meets a chilled out Space if your desperate for reference markers which veers upon the outer spheres of the Warm Digits cosmos. Elsewhere on the set you’ll find midwich youth club who’ve been on our must write about radar for as long as we care to remember, ’if you don’t like guitars (then this song is for)’ is a kooky kaleidoscopic sort – initially sounding like something ripe for ghost box interest before skipping stage left and going all fuzzy buzzy glammy 70’s wonky to sound like something the BBC yoof work experience would have no doubt cooked up had they the keys to the Radiophonic workshop room after getting high from a morning sniffing pritt sticks and watching studio rushes of Magpie, How and Vision On and putting send concoction through the weird wobbulator of the tomorrow people. Now with a title like ‘dear fuzz’ you’d rightly expect flying saucer attack flashbacks would you not, think again for moth effect enact a gloriously demurring slice of trippy krautian kool that much recalls the early outings of Echoboy. Somewhere else the charmingly named Spewing Cum slavishly frazzle your turntable with some noise niking frenzy courtesy of the scalding ‘frustrated / I wanna fuck you up’ whose seriously pissed off angst gouged groove sounds like the kind of feral aural abortion you once in a while find kicking the crap out of the competition via the adored gringo and brew imprints. Young Philadelphia mellow things somewhat with ‘non-Euclidean nightmare’ which for the best part sounds not unlike some lost Roy Montgomery reprise before blossoming into an acutely attractive calypsian math rocking sweetheart before going off radar in a kind of frazzled Hey Colossus meets Billy Mahonie road trip. Must admit to being a tad smitten by sun shines cold’s ‘a distance between’ upon whose statuesque and panoramic majesty we do hear the sweeping forlorn grandeur of the Workhouse re-tweaked by Zerra 1. Those more loving of their sounds soured in shambling post rock paranoia reminiscent of Left Hand might do well to check into ‘minority off the opulent’ by Rollor which aside being possessed of some nifty John McKay styled wiring riffage kind of lurks and stares you out like a prime time offering from pure morning. Equally loved with much affection around these here parts is snide rhythms ‘greyed out and muted’ which is blessed with a sparsely spiked nag nag nag effect corralled in by a minimalist Dadaist post punk bite much reminiscent of a clock dva / this heat face off. Invading throwing muses / Belly-esque territories are mistake pageant whose ‘too far’ proves itself a nifty slice of strut gouged cool while power switchblade gatecrash the party mix with some fuzzed up lo-fi skewed and schizoid grind via the gnarled blues crookedness of ‘torn apart by wit wolves’. recommended all said.


In The Container Tonight Vol. 2 cover art

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