oso leone

We’ve only had a chance to cherry pick a handful of tracks featured on an advance sound cloud promo of the new album from Spanish collective Oso Leone entitled ‘mokragora’ and on scant first listens have been most taken with the track ‘Clivia’. intricate, busied in detail and revealing of a subtle classicist of its authors, this cut lends itself perfectly to being best enjoyed late at night lazing away the twilight hours basking in sultry hot sunsets while this plays out its mercurial craft, reminiscent at times of the vibe oozing from Barry Adamson’s ’soul murder’ albeit as though threaded through the finite eye of Edward Ka-Spell and Bill Laswell, its sparsely atmospheric noir touches give it a rain drizzled monochrome tasting etched in subtle dub shadow plays and a jazz drilled discipline. Available via foehn.

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