flyying colours

Drop dead demurring dream pop anyone, previously visited upon in these pages when we fondly swooned to the acutely jet stream kissed ‘wavy gravy’ way back January time, new thing from Aussie shoe gazers Flyying Colours sees them stealing a march on fellow purveyors of shimmering nu-gaze Dead Leaf Echo with the vapour trailing ’not today’. astutely described in passing by their press folk as ’slowdive busking to stereolab’s ’french disko’ (kinda makes the need to review a bit superfluous – but hey ho) this babe hurtles at speed into the eye of a shimmering sonic supernova engineered by the Clerks and the Insect Guide (which ought at some point no doubt will turn the ears of either Messrs Boom or Guthrie before too long one suspects) all framed in swathes of feedback swoons and possessed of the kind of cool, as f*** shade adorned swagger of the Jesus and Mary Chain replete with the added seduction of being awash in all manner of star showers. Available via the ever vital Club AC30 imprint. Alas no sound links just yet.

update – links are here –



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