dream weapon ritual

Next up and via the same outlet, dream weapon ritual – I fairly certain that’s what they call themselves, is the work of sound alchemist Simon Balestrazzi whose extensive career can be traced back to the early 80’s wherein he founded TAC – Tomografia Assaile Computerizzata. This project finds him hooking up with actress / vocalist Monica Serra as well as occasional guest appearances by MS Miroslaw, Antonio Gallucci, Massimo Ollo, Donato Epiro and Paolo Senna. Mastered by James Plotkin the release ’ebb and flow’ is being given a limited black wax outing – and from here is ’ebb and flow #5’ from the set by way of a taster. a colossal 11 minute shape shifting and dream drifting odyssey sculptured in dronal motifs amid whose hypnotic weaves a curious blend of serene Oriental accents and bowed instrumentation pulsate to morphs deliriously into an as were altered states sonic kaleidoscope that woozily wanders distractively like some between sleep and wake psychotropic mirage. There’ll be more from Mr Balestrazzi later this missive as we’ve just taken delivery of a limited split cassette he shares with unmodified for the old bicycle imprint.

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